Welcome to Aria’s Organics

garlicEstablished in 2007, Aria’s personal chef and catering service is located mainly in San Francisco preparing healthy and delicious meals, made with love.

The website for Aria‘s Organics is under construction. The logo you see is not the final chosen one either. In the meantime while we’re cheffing it you can read more about our culinary services on Instagram or Facebook.

Also, we’re gathering photos of meals we’ve made so they can be used in marketing materials. Do you have any? You can contribute with a quote too if you have some kind words for our testimonials page. We hope to hear from you. Thanks!

clementine elefant

Aria’s Organics deliver produce boxes to our house. Weekly it feels like a surprise gift since we never know what good stuff will be in it. One time while delivering Aria showed us how to make clementine elefant masks.



Aria and her team have the ability to create unique, seasonal catering. Whether you need menus to fit with a themed party, or mouth-watering starters guaranteed to keep people talking, look no further. Yummy waffles on a stick!